Human Protection

Our Human Protection business manufactures a range of specialized clothing and accessories that protect personnel in Steel, Oil &Gas, Fire-Fighting, Rail & Road Construction, Healthcare, Defence and Security sectors, emanating from the harsh operating environments that their jobs require.
We provide protection solutions across four verticals:

Flame Retardant Wear: Provide protection from flash fires, molten metal splash, and electric arc.

High-Visibility and Industrial Work-Wear: Ensure visibility in all lighting conditions and provide maximum comfort and protection in a tough Industrial Environment.

Image-Wear: Designed to perfection, styled to enhance your pride while working for your company.

Special Protection: Technology led solutions for protecting our soldiers and fire-fighters from the grave hazards they face during their operations.

Face Masks: Using technical textiles experience in protective wear we manufacture fabric masks and half face respirators. Read More


Expertise in fabric manufacturing

We operate one of the largest fabric manufacturing facilities for Human Protection solutions, globally. Deep-rooted relationships with fiber manufacture, exclusive licenses from Dupont and Solvay for FR fiber and chemical suppliers.


We operate multiple facilities across Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Ethiopia for garments of Human Protection Solutions. Our facilities are highly automated, giving us the capability to manufacture high work content products and provide flexibility of utilizing different fabrics from knits to woven to laminated. They have been certified for WRAP, SEDEX, ISO 9001:2015, UL, Article 10 EC and EN 469.

Specialty Finishes

Capabilities to provide unique and special finishes as per the application of the product. We work with global, best chemical suppliers to provide the best-in-class and durable finishes such as Proban, Anti-Microbial, and OWR etc.

Coating and Lamination

We operate in-house facilities to provide coated (3.5 meters width, coating thickness from 10 GSM to 200 GSM) and laminated (2.2 meters width, can handle fabric from 50 GSM to 600 GSM of fabric) fabrics and garments. In Coating, we can impart functionalities using solvent and water-based methods. In Lamination, we can do two layer and three layer lamination for fabric to fabric, fabric to a membrane, including for heterogeneous materials. Coating and Lamination are used to provide functionalities for water barrier, air barrier, and anti-microbial properties.



Flame Retardant Wear

Our Flame retardant clothing fulfills the objective of protecting people from flash fires & electric arc in hazardous working environments like Oil Rigs, Coal Mines, Steel industries and Atmosphere with a high risk of electric discharge in defense. These products certify to the American, European and ASNZ norms.

Our IGNX™ Range durable flame retardant properties that persist until the life of a garment. The products are certified as per ISO 11612, EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 61482, EN ISO 1149, EN ISO 13034, EN ISO 20471, NFPA 2112, and NFPA 70E & ASNZ standards from international bodies such as BTTG (UK), STFI (Germany), AITEX (Spain) and UL Labs.

  • IGNX™ Dura – Cotton range treated fabrics with Pyrovatex® from Huntsman
  • IGNX™ Dura – Cotton / Polycotton range treated fabrics with Proban® from Solvay
  • IGNX™ ModaShield – Cotton / Modacrylic blended products from Protex® fibers developed by Kaneka
  • IGNX™ AraShield – Aramid blended products from Meta / Para fibers developed DuPont
  • IGNX™ Compiling – Our knitted range is manufactured from treated cotton inherently flame resistant Modacrylic fibers
  • Stellar Weave – High Arc protection with the comfort of Shirting.

High-Visibility and Industrial Work-Wear

Our high visibility range complies to EN 20471/ANSI standards which helps the wearer with visibility in situations under lighting conditions. Work Wear series of garments are built from a wide range of fabrics from 100% cotton to multi-blends of poly cotton which provides maximum protection and comfort below various industrial conditions.

We also have a dedicated manufacturing facility operated by experts for medical applications – scrubs, surgical gown, doctor & nurse coat, laboratory coat, bed sheets etc.



Our expertise in new age shirting garments and bottom weights is incomparable. Our garments have a renowned name in the local and international markets. Our premium range of Image-Wear are provided under JCB Workwear Brand – these are most suitable for enhancing the pride of your employees while at the same time providing the maximum comfort and protection.


Special Protection Group

These solutions are developed on the basis of expertise and deep-root understanding of protective wear technology. Our products in this group:

  • TOG (Turn Out Gear) – Firefighting suit for modern-day firefighters, providing complete protection from fires. It complies to EN 469, NFPA 1971-2018 performance norms of Europe and USA respectively
  • ECWS (Extreme Cold Weather) Suit – Protects from extreme weather conditions (up to – 50 degrees). Our suite comprises of 6 garment set, weighing only 4.5 Kgs. It is way lighter compared to other competing suits available
  • CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiation Nuclear) Suit – Our suit has been tested and accredited by DRDO and global laboratories nominated by DRDO. Our suite has been jointly developed with Norm Ltd, which holds multiple patents in this space


Our solutions provide maximum protection from weather elements of Rain. These products are certified and comply with EN-343 norms.