At Arvind AMD, we provide air and wet filtration solutions to OEMs, converters, and end-customers all around the world. Arvind’s commitment to sustainability drives us in providing high-quality pollution control solutions for critical applications.

Within air filtration, we manufacture non-woven needle-punched filter media using a variety of fibers – PET, PP, Aramids, PPS etc. Our strategic relationships with key fiber suppliers and backward integration into the manufacturing of woven scrims allow us to have complete control over the manufacturing process and ensuring quality and consistency.

We also manufacture bag filters used in the cement, steel, power, mining, asphalt and other industries. Our bag manufacturing technology is obtained from our acquisition of Andrew India Ltd – a pioneer in filter bag technology worldwide.

Our wet filtration business manufactures woven filtration media and made-ups for a variety of fibers, finishes, GSMs and end applications. Our end customer applications include mineral processing, chemicals, dyes and intermediates, dewatering, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and food industries.



Hot gas filtration

Arvind Limited acquired Andrew India which was part of Andrew Industries, UK – Textile Division in August 2015. Andrew India is known for high-quality filter bags manufacturing which are used in Air Pollution Control equipment like bag house catering to industrial segments like Cement, Metals, Power, Food, Asphalt, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Waste Incineration etc.


Wet Filtration

Liquid filters remove solids from liquids by flowing the contaminated liquid through a filter medium that will retain the solid particulates and allow only clean liquid to pass through. We have state-of-the-art types of equipment such as Karl Mayer warping, 40 + Dornier looms, Bruckner centre and Ramisch  Guarneri calendar. We manufacture more than 200,000 meters of fabric on a monthly basis.

We have the capability to manufacture filtration, made-ups, and fabrics from multiple yarns such as monofilament, multi-filament, and spun. The varied types of yarns used are PP, PET, Nylon, PBT and cotton.