Pioneering   Material   Science   to
Achieve   Breakthrough   Solutions

Using Material Science to Power
Ambitions Sustainably

With our strong foundation of knowledge and research we identify market needs. Our high-performance next-generation fabrics have made us India’s largest conglomerate. We stress the most current and proven innovation to provide protective wear solutions to industries such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Defense, Automobiles manufacturing. Our expertise in new age fabric technology makes us the pioneer of the industry with world-class standards.

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We forge and foster alliances with like-minded innovators having the shared value of bringing the very best of technologies to create meaningful impacts. We believe in the power of fruitful partnerships as a force multiplier enabling us to push the boundaries of material science.

Material innovation is a way of life at AMD. We are engaged in solving some of the most complex challenges through material science. Be it for protecting humans, creating future infrastructure, enabling industries, or protecting environment, we experiment with materials to create solutions that truly make a difference.

We figured out that a true collaborative spirit amongst employees is a byproduct of a great work culture. So, we let conservative mindsets be bygone, broke away from hierarchical traditions, to inspire a team of lateral and creative thinkers.

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We understand that every challenge is unique and the resolution required to tackle it should be tailor-made. Our bespoke solutions are as diverse as the needs of our customers and can meet the varied material requirements whether it is for human safety, construction, transportation, or the environment.

Joint Venture Companies


We have joined hands with some of the world’s leading material science companies that are engaged in solving complex material challenges through technological breakthroughs.