Leadership in Personal Protective Equipment

Arvind is a pioneer in Technical Textiles, across different domains such as Protective Wear, Composites and Filtration. Arvind has extensive experience in manufacturing PPE suited for different application such as Fire Protection, Healthcare, Defence and industries such as Oil & Gas, Metals and Mining, Municipalities and Medical. Arvind is a vertically integrated player in PPEs with capabilities across the value chain. This enables Arvind to understand the product requirement, key quality parameters and thus provide an application oriented solution. Also, to understand the various raw materials, ensure consistency in quality of input materials and finished goods.

Arvind has been making PPEs in its facilities located in Bengaluru, Ranchi and Ahmedabad in India and in Ethiopia. Since Covid-19 spread hastened in India, Arvind has been closely working with the Government to repivot lot of its facilities towards PPEs to support the nation in its fight against Coronavirus.

Arvind started with manufacturing Protective Coveralls and Bio-Suits and then fabric masks and half face respirators. These PPEs for frontline warriors, medical practitioners and general people are critical for the fight against Coronavirus.

Arvind Breath Safe Half Face Respirators and Face Masks

Arvind is a one-stop solution for Face Masks and provides:

1. N-95 (FFP2), N-99 (FFP3) Half Face Respirators:

N95 / N99 masks are made through completely automated machines which utilizes ultrasonic sealing and welding techniques. Raw materials play a critical part in maintaining quality of the product. Arvind, due to its extensive experience in Non-Wovens can understand, test and source quality and consistent material. Some of the materials used are manufactured in-house in Arvind facilities.

Arvind can manufacture masks with varying layers (3-layer, 4-layer and 5-layer), with or without exhalation valves. It has capacity to manufacture 2 lakh pieces per day of N95 masks.

2. Reusable FFP2 Fabric Masks

These masks are made from pure cotton or blended, woven or knitted fabric which provides better comfort and breathability.

They come in various aesthetically appealing prints, designs and sizes. FFP2 category filter is between two layers of cotton or blended fabric which provides 95%+ particulate filtration efficiency at 0.3 microns. This is the same standard used for measuring filtration efficiency of N95 masks. Thus, Arvind’s reusable masks provide an elite level of protection at a much better comfort.

A pack of Reusable FFP2 Fabric Masks contains a face mask with two additional filter cartridges. Each filter cartridge last 200 hours, masks can be washed by removing the filter cartridge. Arvind has capacity to manufacture 20,000 reusable masks per week.

We Care! Contributing towards containing Coronavirus

Arvind is a socially responsible organization and since its inception in 1931, has been active in giving back to the society. In these tough times of Coronavirus, we are working with the Government and the society to contain the virus. Arvind has decided to donate significant amount of N95 masks to the end-users, charitable institutions, government authorities and the needy in the often-neglected parts of the country.

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