Renewable Energy

Solar Structures
Solar structures can be built with full FRP profiles utilising the non-corrosive properties of the material. Overall weight of the structure will be half of MS structure without compromising on the load factors required as per government norms. FRP structures offer longer lifespan than the existing structures.

Applications of FRP in Wind industry includes Flanges, Spar caps, blades, Shear web, Wedges, Nacelle covers, Nose cones, cable management systems, fencings and other custom moulded parts. Arvind Composites have the capability to make all kinds of FRP products including carbon parts.

Pultrusion benefits include:
  • Precise fibre alignment
  • High quality, wrinkle-free surfaces
  • Faster production and reduced mold times
  • Consistent product quality
  • High strength, high fatique strength,
  • lower weight compared to traditional materials