Arvind Medical Textile

Arvind Advanced Materials Division is committed to produce high performance next generation fabrics. As a legacy forward we are pleased to introduce our new product Line in “Medical Textile”.

Our product finds its application in surgical, cosmetic, Absorbents, Dressing, packing & various other domestic purposes. Our Niche portfolio of “Anti-microbial range” focuses on superior quality surgical scrub, surgical gown, Doctor & Nurse Coat, Laboratory coat, Bed sheets and surgical drapes which is exclusive for medical industry. We have dedicated manufacturing facility operated by experts which enable us to deliver superior products which match customer expectations.

As a market penetration strategy, we have developed distributors for our domestic market that will cater to domestic customer requirements for finished Absorbent cotton rolls. We have started exporting bleached Comber Noil to European & US markets through our approved distributors.

We leverage our expertise from technical textile business and assure to deliver product which match essence of Arvind quality.